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3-Minute Law to improve customer service

Effective February 27, 2024, companies in sectors like utilities, transport, postal services, electronic communications, and financial services must meet new standards. Key points include:

1. Accessibility -  Ensure all customers, including vulnerable groups, can access customer service easily.
2. Free Service -  Customer service must be free.
3. Efficiency -  Provide quick and effective responses to inquiries and complaints.
4. Communication Channels -  Offer at least one postal, one telephone, and one electronic communication channel.
5. Personalized Attention -  Allow customers to talk to a specialized agent if requested.
6. Resources -  Ensure necessary resources and trained staff, especially for helping vulnerable consumers.
7. Free Telephone Service -  Phone lines must be free and accessible to people with hearing impairments.
8. Customer Identification -  Provide tracking numbers for complaints.
9. Complaint Justification -  Record conversations with consent and justify each complaint.
10. Three-Minute Call Cap -  Answer 95% of calls within three minutes.
11. 24/7 Availability -  Customer service must always be available for service-related issues.
12. Complaint Resolution -  Resolve complaints within 15 business days.


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