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Leader in unified customer interaction solutions. Altitude Software delivers worldwide a robust, modular solution that unifies all channels throughout the organization in an open, platform-independent way that enables companies to handle all customer interactions.


Salesforce is a global leader of CRM solution that help organizations deliver world-class service. Its Service Cloud features set – from live chat to searching the knowledge base and more – makes it the world’s #1 customer service solution. Service Cloud is now offered by comways as fully integrated solution to deliver support, faster and smarter.


Vonage (previously New Voice Media) seamlessly integrates all your communication channels with Salesforce CTI to help your teams create exceptional, emotive conversations, that help more and sell more around the world.




Google natural language understanding platform used to design and integrate a conversational user interface into mobile apps, web applications, devices, bots, interactive voice response systems, and so on.


Created as a Q&A system that IBM built to apply advanced natural language processing, information retrieval, knowledge representation, automated reasoning, and machine learning technologies to the field of open domain question answering.

A machine learning-based service to build natural language into apps, bots, and IoT devices. Designed to identify valuable information in conversations, LUIS interprets user goals (intents) and distills valuable information from sentences (entities), for a high quality, nuanced language model.


comways is engaged in the most fascinating area of businesses that care about their customers’ happiness. 
We provide and integrate best-of-breed in-cloud or on-premise contact center solutions to leading companies across Europe.  We are committed to improving the quality of conversations between customers and organizations.

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