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CCaaS / Omnichannel CRM


Salesforce Service Cloud is a customer service and support platform built to get faster and reliable case resolution. It delivers smarter service with a 360-degree view of every customer, resolve issues across any channel, and increase customer satisfaction by connecting the whole business.


Vonage (formerly NewVoiceMedia) Seamlessly integrates all communication channels with Salesforce; helping agents to create efficient and contextual conversations


Bright Pattern is the highest-rated omnichannel contact center platform with the fastest time to deploy in the industry. Bright Pattern’s platform allows businesses to provide effortless omnichannel conversations across voice and digital channels along with omnichannel quality management. We are the only company in the industry providing a mobile app, Bright Pattern Mobile, that enables customers to connect with any employee across any channel via their mobile device.


Service Cloud Voice, Sometimes it’s just easier to talk to someone on the phone. Despite a variety of available channels, customers prefer to talk directly to a knowledgeable service agent who can quickly solve their problem. Service Cloud Voice makes it easier for agents to answer and make calls, track customer information, and resolve customer issues—all within the Service Console





Salesforce Einstein is an integrated set of technologies that brings the power of AI to all Salesforce products, allowing for more personalized and predictive experiences that will display your company as more professional and attractive to your customers.  Salesforce Einstein can viewed as a CRM Intelligence Assistant. It create offers or actions to recommend to users using Einstein Next Best Action. Recommendations are processed by strategies and associated with flows. Salesforce Einstein also helps in building Article Recommendations. To create a model, you select fields from cases and knowledge articles that are most relevant to your business. Based on these associations, Einstein builds a model using data from your past cases. The model Proactively examines new cases as they come in; Identifies the language and key words, phrases, and text field values within the case; Suggests articles that are most likely to solve the problem.


Vonage AI Studio Vonage AI is a conversational AI platform built to handle complex interactions between businesses and customers, lowering operational costs and significantly improving service levels.  The AI Studio Platform offers a set of software solutions that give businesses new ways to interact with their customers through voice and text, and for developers, a new way to design a voice interface for any commercial use.

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