What are the benefits of Salesforce Telephony Integration?

*Provide the ability to reach more prospects: computer telephony integration removes the need for manual dialing, which can be slow and cumbersome.

*Improve leads conversion: your reps can preview all prospect information before placing a call. The more your reps know about a lead, the more they can tailor the conversation to the prospect.

*Increase the use of your CRM: by having your reps make all calls from a phone that is integrated with Salesforce, you will automatically track these calls.

*Improve your Sales & Service teams performance: dashboards track KPIs like the number of calls made, call duration, and opportunities created. Also, view reports from within Salesforce that combine all your service metrics.

*Offer callers simple self-service: allows you to provide self-service options along with the ability to connect to a live agent.

*Route calls from your toll-free phone number: ACD functionality allows you to route calls based on the caller’s phone number to the appropriate agent.

*Reduce your call handle times: provide immediate access to the information you have stored in your CRM, along with incoming calls, reducing the time it takes your agents to resolve issues.


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