In reference to “Agile”...

“Agile” is a set of principles. When applied to software delivery/work management, they are called “Agile Project Management Principles”; when applied to product/portfolio management - “Agile Product Management Principles”.

Agile has 12 principles outlined in the Manifesto for Agile Software Development:

There are a few frameworks (methodologies) that implement the Agile principles. Selecting one vs. the other is based on your project’s nature and your management style. The most notable frameworks are Scrum and Kanban. They help teams adhere to the Agile principles.

About Scrum, read this:

About Kanban, look here:

Software vendors provide Agile Management Tools to implement the Agile frameworks above. Look at a Gartner report here:

To implement Agile, you will need to get an overview, send some of your team members for in-depth training, and then most likely hire a coach/advisor to accompany you through your first Agile Project.

Good Luck.