How Building Fearless Teams Unleashes Innovation

*"Psychological safety”: psychological safety in the workplace is about providing a culture where all employees feel safe to raise issues and are encouraged to have an open & honest collaboration.

*Culture: to remain competitive and deliver value to customers, companies must create a culture where employees feel empowered to deliver exceptional customer experience.

*Practice continuous learning: position failure and challenges as opportunities to learn, and problem-solve them as a team.

*Promote experimentation: encourage employees to experiment and test out new ideas and approaches that are outside the box.

*Embrace discomfort: by creating a safe environment to confront tough topics, you’ll be able to surface tough issues in an honest way and be able to move forward.

*Foster team behaviors: articulate the behaviors, values, or norms that are a guide to how teams collaborate, and that you’ll all respect and hold each other accountable to.

*Learn about each other’s work styles: by having your entire team understand how to communicate best with one another, you can identify how to best collaborate in a productive way.