Chatting with Bots: A User’s Guide to Messaging Chatbots

The focus of this Publicis Media research is on understanding the messaging chatbot user experience. Here are some of the recommendations:

*Chose the Right Time: put chatbots on your innovation roadmap to assess when it’s right time to experiment or scale.

*User before Brand: ensure experience design focuses on user before brand. Get to know users’ preferences before offering up customized content.

*Keep it Simple: use chatbot functionality to reduce choice, connect with personal preferences, and simplify complex topics associated with your brand.

*Chatbot with a Purpose: design your chatbot to have a purpose. Ask how the experience will be better AND different from how users could already access information or complete that task.

*Natural Language Processing (NLP): over-invest in strong NLP capabilities to deliver on personalization expectations. Design your chatbot to ask insightful questions that encourage self-reflection conversations to connect on a deeper level.

*Triage Management: focus on triage as the right role for chatbot customer service. Ensure a blended and seamless approach of chatbot + human.